High winds hit the North East

29 Jan 2016 08:10 AM

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Police are advising the public to take extra care in high winds.

High winds are expected all across the force area for most of the day and police are warning people to take care.

Pedestrians and cyclists should watch out for debris blown into their path and motorists should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and take particular care around motorcyclists and cyclists.

Drivers of high-sided vehicles, motor homes or cars towing caravans should be extra cautious, especially when driving on exposed roads.

When driving in high winds drivers should:

Be prepared for gusts of wind and the slip stream from passing vehicles - especially high-sided ones

Keep both hands on the steering wheel

Moderate their speed as vehicles travelling fast are more likely to drift off course in a sudden gust of wind

Watch out for debris such as branches blown onto the road.

Monitor local media and social media to stay updated about road closures and any incidents that could impact on journeys and travel.