Police promote water safety message

03 Feb 2016 15:14 PM

Whitehouse Primary [View Full Size]

School children in North Shields had a lesson on water safety earlier this week when they were visited by a local neighbourhood officer.

An officer from the North Shields Neighbourhood policing team spent Monday morning at Whitehouse Primary School in North Shields where she talked to youngsters about water safety ahead of the half-term holidays.

Police Community Support Officer Kate Graham from North Shields Neighbourhood Policing team talked to youngsters about the strength and dangers of sea water and how to stay safe at the coast.

PCSO Graham said: "Neighbourhood officers regularly visit local schools throughout the year to talk to young people about a variety of subjects ranging from anti-social behaviour and it's affects on communities, talk about the role of the neighbourhood officer and give crime prevention and safety advice.

"Teachers from Whitehouse Primary told us that children have been asking questions about staying safe at the beach and in light of the recent stormy weather we have been experiencing we thought it would be a good opportunity to spend time with the children and address their concerns.

"During the morning session we talked about how to stay safe at the beach and on coastal piers and how to get help if needed. The children were really interested to hear my advice and eager to ask me questions. It was great to spend the morning with them.

"Visits like this not only allow children to hear advice but also enable young people to get to know their local officers and help build positive relationships with them.

"Coping with life’s dangers is not something which can be left to chance, so these visits will play an important part in educating our young people on things they can do to keep themselves safe."