Urgent warning from Northumbria Police

03 Feb 2016 10:28 AM

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Do not pass bank details over the phone or transfer funds to people claiming to be the police.

We have today, Wednesday February 3, received reports from across the force of people targeted by callers claiming to be from the police asking for either their bank details or for them to withdraw / transfer money from their account.

The police WILL NEVER ring you and ask you to do this.

If you get any calls from someone claiming to be a police officer and asking you to do something like this then DO NOT give out any personal information and hang up immediately.

Once you have hung up then the FIRST THING you should do is dial the number of a trusted person, a friend or family member, and make sure your line is clear - as fraudsters have been known to stay on the line and trick people into thinking they have made another call. 

Once confident your line is clear then report any suspicious phone calls to police straight away on 101 and we will take action.

Please spread this message to all of your friends and family and especially the elderly as these fraudsters are targeting the most vulnerable.

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