Police launch Operation Impact to tackle burglary

04 Feb 2016 12:00 PM

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Northumbria Police has launched a two month burglary operation in Sunderland and South Tyneside aimed at having an 'impact' on burglars.

Burglary continues to be a priority for Southern Area Command and following a recent spate of incidents in the areas police are determined to curb the number of offences taking place - and apprehend offenders.

And, to tackle the issue police have launched Operation Impact.

Over the next eight weeks a host of activity will be taking place to prevent, protect, pursue and prepare against burglary offences.

High visibility patrols will be carried out to help prevent further offences and provide reassurance in the areas that have been identified as 'hotspots' and locations being actively targeted by burglars.

Police patrols will be supported by utilising CCTV to gather evidence against offenders and act as a deterrent, those committing offences are warned their actions are more than likely going to be caught on camera.

Neighbourhood Officers will continue to work with local authorities to identify areas where environmental issues or the surroundings are having a negative impact upon crime in an area - for example in South Shields, the Neighbourhood Policing Team recently worked closely with South Tyneside Council to improve the area around Chichester Metro Station after concerns were raised it was a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Police will also be continuing to push crime prevention advice to members of the public and encouraging people to take simple measures to make it even harder for burglars and help prevent themselves from being a victim of crime.

'Operation Impact' will not just focus on crime prevention and preventing offences it will also focus on ensuring burglars are caught - each day teams across the area command actively target those wanted for burglary and causing the most harm in our communities, this activity will continue with the focus firmly remaining on burglars .

Burglars who evade police will be visited daily by officers as well as being the focus of dedicated days of action.

The skills of a dedicated burglary team will ensure investigations into burglaries are carried out to the highest standard to secure evidence and ensure burglars are put before the court and officers will work with victims to ensure they have the support they need throughout the whole process.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, said: "We are taking a strong stance against criminals who commit this type of crime.  I want to reassure residents that tackling burglary remains a top priority and there is plenty of pro-active policing    targeting opportunist criminals and promoting crime-prevention advice.

"I'm committed to ensuring that Northumbria Police do everything they can to reduce the number of incidents and do everything possible to ensure those responsible are put before the courts."

Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson, said: "Primarily the aim of Operation Impact is to reduce the number of burglaries and the associated acquisitive crime however it is also vitally important we provide enhanced reassurance to our communities. Ultimately, we want to ensure residents feel safe - but realistically we can only do this by reducing the number of offences and putting burglars behind bars and while we are doing everything we can to do this we still want the public to help.

"Burglary is a priority for us and significant resources are being put into tackling the issue, I recognise we are constantly telling people to lock their doors and close windows but it is because this simple measure can be the most effective way to deter a burglar - it is a fact that a burglar is more likely to burgle a house that has been left unlocked than one that has adequate security measures.

"Over the next eight weeks we will be focussing our attention on burglars - and while this is nothing over and above what we already do it is a focussed targeted effort. And a key part of the campaign will be making sure our communities know what we're doing and that offenders know we are targeting them"

To keep informed of Operation Impact and how police are tackling burglars follow @npsunderland @npsouthtyneside on Twitter and visit the Northumbria Police Southern Area Command facebook pages. Alternatively visit the Northumbria Police website


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