Police target travelling criminals

08 Feb 2016 13:18 PM

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AN operation involving six police forces targeting travelling criminals across the north of England has seen 194 vehicles stopped, 7 people arrested and 7 vehicles seized.

Officers from the North Yorkshire, Durham, Cleveland, Cumbria, Lancashire and Northumbria forces took part in ‘Operation Checkpoint’ on Thursday, February 4.

The operation is the 9th of its kind over the past 2 years. Together, officers across the North gather intelligence about travelling criminals, disrupt their use of the road network and bring anyone found breaking the law to justice.

The operation was staged from yesterday afternoon into the early hours of today with the various forces adapting the start and finish times to suit local needs. Inmost areas police enlisted support from Farmwatch volunteers and other volunteers from local communities who joined officers in looking out for suspicious vehicles.

The operation also enlists the services of other partner agencies, DVLA, and customs and Excise officers

Police tactics included the widespread use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to target vehicles suspected of being connected to crime, as well as targeting vehicles seen in suspicious circumstances.

Neighbourhood Inspector for Northumbria Police, Kevin Oates, said: "The people we target in these operations are active across the north of England and the Borders, using a wide range of vehicles to transport stolen property and carry out other offences.

"Officers regularly carry out these joint operations aimed at preventing criminals from travelling into our area to commit offences. We work closely with other forces to share intelligence and arrest suspected offenders.

"These operations send a clear message to criminals that they are not welcome in our rural areas and we will do all we can to stop their criminal behaviour."

"There will be further operations at other times throughout the year. If anyone has concerns or intelligence which could help us when we plan the next one, we would urge them to contact their local police on 101."  

Operation results for Northumbria police: 40 vehicles stopped, 1 arrest for drink driving, 6 road traffic offences dealt with by officers and partner agencies at the roadside.