Northern officers show support for Hate Crime week

09 Feb 2016 14:03 PM

Hate crime week [View Full Size]

Police in North Tyneside and Northumberland are offering their support to National Hate Crime Week (Mon 8 - Sun 14 Feb).

Being you is not a crime, targeting you is - that's the message from Northumbria Police during National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

A hate crime is any crime where a victim feels they have been targeted because of their race, faith, religion, gender, disability, gender identify, age or sexual orientation.

Throughout the week there will be a number of events based around Hate Crime in North Tyneside and Northumberland showcasing the work that police are doing to tackle it as well as highlighting the support that is available to victims.

Neighbourhood officers will be supported by Community Engagement Officers in a week of activity including; Community meetings, drop in sessions, education workshops at schools and colleges and taking part in local activities and initiatives.

On Tuesday, February 9, officers will host a Hate Crime stall at TyneMet College, Percy Hedley School and Blue Door Centre to speak with people about hate crime, how to report it and the support that is available.

On Wednesday, February 10,  the Community Engagement Team, officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing Team will visit the Corner Store Cafe, Whitley Bay and host a drop-in session for residents.

On Friday, February 11, Community Engagement Officers will be joined by partners at Whitley Bay Mosque where they will speak to people about hate crime and how to seek help.

Chief Inspector for Northern area command, Nicola Musgrove said, "We are working very hard to raise awareness of what hate crime is and encourage those who have been a victim or witnessed someone else being a victim to come forward and report this to us. There is a lot of support available for victims of hate crime including people who are specially trained to recognise the sensitivities around these crimes.

"Officers will be attending local schools and colleges and speaking with people directly about reporting hate crime and making people aware of the safe reporting centres we have across the force.

"If you have been hurt, threatened, abused, harassed or intimidated or suffered any other crime because of your Race, Faith, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Age or Gender Identity, this is Hate Crime.

"Report hate crime to the police, or if you prefer confidentially via a third party reporting scheme such as a Safe Reporting Centre, True Vision or Arch.

"If you are the carer of a disabled person or one of your family members is disabled and you are hurt, threatened, abused, harassed or intimidated or suffer any other crime because of a prejudice or hostility based on this individuals disability this is also a Hate Crime. You must report it.

Any Hate Crime can be reported at Safe Reporting Centres across the force area. Full details of Safe Reporting Centres are detailed on Northumbria Police  website.

Hate crime can be reported to police using 101 in a non-emergency or 999 in an emergency.

Hate crime can also be reported through non-police agencies such as True Vision ( or ARCH.

Further information on Hate Crime is available on Northumbria Police  website.