Response to HMIC PEEL Legitimacy Report

11 Feb 2016 06:30 AM

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Chief Constable Steve Ashman said:

"We accept most of the findings of this report and acknowledge that at the time the inspection took place there were areas for improvement in Northumbria Police.

"It is reassuring to note the positive comments of the HMIC regarding the way our officers engage so positively with our communities, however, we recognise the need to make further improvements in our compliance with the Best use of Stop and Search scheme.  We have already taken active steps to ensure we become fully compliant with HMIC recommendations and are now seeking to make further improvements, such as the introduction of a Youth Scrutiny Panel.

"The report highlights the fact that the inspection took place in the spring of 2015, since when a significant amount of change has taken place. 

"I am confident that we have made real progress in changing the culture of the organisation to one which welcomes challenge and encourages innovation.  I look forward to this year’s inspection as an opportunity for us to show exactly where we are now."


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