Community thanked for support during Hate Crime Awareness Week

12 Feb 2016 13:00 PM

Hate Crime week round up [View Full Size]

Northumbria Police has thanked local communities across Sunderland and South Tyneside for their support during Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Throughout the week activity has taken place to raise awareness of what hate crime is, the support available for victims and what police are doing to tackle the issue.

On Monday, Young Asian Voices joined community engagement officers to take part in the force's community opportunity scheme and on Wednesday Asia Begum from Apna Ghar visited Millbank Police Station to see first hand what work is ongoing around hate crime and the support that is available for victims.

Community Engagement Officers along with police officers visited Sunderland Youth Parliament and Thornhill School as well as Headlight Mental Health to talk about hate crime.

And, during the week criminology students from South Tyneside College also visited Millbank Police Station to learn more about hate crime - as well as other areas of policing.

T/Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: "Any crime that sees someone targeted because of their characteristics such as race, religion, gender, sexuality or disability is classed as a hate crime and it's important that our communities are aware that they should not have put up with being targeted because of who they are and we want to get that message across. We want people to know what support is available and what we do to tackle the issue so they have more confidence to come forward and report incidents to us.

"The support we have had this week has been fantastic and it's been great for our officers to have had the opportunity to speak to people about hate crime and raise awareness of what we do. The feedback we have had has been really positive and I think people appreciate the work we're carrying out and are often surprised by what is being doing to tackle hate crime.

"Our work around hate crime and raising awareness of hate crime continues takes place throughout the year and we will continue to raise awareness of the support available and work ourselves and partner agencies do."

Photo caption: Photographs show top l-r Asia Begom from Apna Ghar, members from Headlight Mental Health, Young Asian Voices in Sunderland. Bottom l-r South Tyneside cadets and students from South Tyneside college.

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