Lock out thieves

12 Feb 2016 14:00 PM

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Northumbria Police is reminding motorists in the west of Sunderland to lock their vehicles then they leave them unattended.

In the past few days there have been reports of thefts from vehicles that have been left unlocked, including overnight.

Areas around Springwell and Thorney Close have been effected.

Sunderland West Neighbourhood Inspector Lisa Laverick said: "Thieves are scouring streets of parked cars, trying doors and are looking for opportunities where cars have been left unlocked.

"They simply let themselves inside cars and grab whatever is inside and make off - it only takes seconds.

"We don't want our communities to be victims to these thieves and are asking them to lock the vehicle before they leave it unattended, and double check it is locked, to help prevent them from being targeted.

"It really is as simple as taking a few moments to double check the vehicle is locked but could make all the difference in deterring a thief."

For further crime prevention advise visit the Northumbria Police website


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