Speed Watch success in Walker

19 Feb 2016 11:26 AM

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Update on speed watch operation carried out in Walker yesterday.

During the two hour operation, which was ran in Valentia Avenue, officers identified 79 speeding vehicles.

These drivers will now be contacted and will receive advice letters through the post in relation to their speed.

Officers will continue to monitor the speed of motorists in the area and another speeding operation is already in the planning.

The force's motor patrols department, as well as neighbourhood policing officers, will be carrying carry out checks in the area for speeding drivers and any one caught speeding again may face further action. 

Neighbourhood Inspector Ronnie Lowes said: "The operation was a great success in terms of raising awareness about speeding in the area and showing the community that we take the issue as seriously as they do. The officers carrying out the checks got some really positive feedback from members of the local community who came out and spoke to them during the operation, and some of the children from the area were really keen to help out!

"We are committed to making our communities safe. If this activity helps save just one life then it's all worth it. My message to drivers in the Walker area is that we are aware there is speeding going on and we are looking to take action. When in areas like Valentia Avenue, Iolanthe Crescent and Trojan Avenue there are children and elderly people around, adjust your speed and drive safely - the last thing anyone wants is for anyone to get hurt."

Local residents who want to get involved and help police tackle speeding can join the Community Speedwatch scheme. The force is recruiting for volunteers to get involved now - for more details visit the working for us section of the Northumbria Police website.

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