Youths arrested after disorder in Lemington and Throckley

23 Feb 2016 11:38 AM

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Police have arrested two youths in connection with a number of incidents of disorder in Lemington and Throckley areas.

In the last couple of weeks the Newcastle North Neighbourhood Policing Team have received reports about a group of youths being responsible for causing criminal damage and a number of disorder type incidents in the areas.

These incidents included damage to Throckley Park - with fences being damaged and bins being set on fire, damage caused to Prospect House in Throckley and a number of assaults on members of the public who had challenged the group's behaviour.

In response, local officers identified and arrested two 14-year-old youths believed to be involved in the incidents and they have been bailed pending further enquiries.

Newcastle North West Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Pitchford said: "Behaviour such as damaging public property, threatening and assaulting members of the public and causing anti-social behaviour and disorder will not be tolerated here in Lemington and Throckley.

"This is a very small minority of young people causing these problems for the larger community and we will not stand by and allow this to happen.

"We have made arrests and enquiries are ongoing into these incidents. We are working to identify the others involved in this group and when we do they can expect us knocking at their door and taking action against them.

"Officers will continue to carry out pro-active patrols in the Lemington and Throckley areas and will be speaking with local residents to update them and reassure them around what we are doing and the action we are taking. If anyone has any concerns or questions then they can speak to myself or one of the team on 101, and they can pass any information on that might help us with our enquiries."



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