Burglary warning in Newcastle

04 Mar 2016 16:33 PM

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Police are warning residents in Chapel House and West Denton to be on the look out for burglars following two incidents overnight.

Between 11:15pm Thursday, March 3, and 7am Friday, March 4, a house in Beckside was broken into. The intruders searched the utility room of the property but were unable to get access into the house and left empty handed.

Around the same time a house in Eshott court was targeted by burglars. They attempted to jemmy the lock on the rear door but were unable to get inside.

24/7 officers will be carrying out patrols in the areas overnight in the coming days but are appealing for homeowners to be on the look out for any suspicious people hanging around neighbourhoods and houses.

Residents are also advised to ensure they lock their doors, remove all valuables from plain sight of windows and doors and make sure their homes are secure before going to bed.

Anyone with any information about these two recent incidents is asked to contact police in Newcastle on 101 quoting reference number 228 04/03/16.

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