On the beat in Blakelaw

08 Mar 2016 10:00 AM

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Police stepped up patrols in Blakelaw over the weekend after recent reports of disorder in the area.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team, 24/7 response team and the mounted section carried out high visibility patrols on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. 

They focused on the 165 estate including Binswood Avenue, Moulton Place and the local shops around that area.

They made two arrests in connection to a robbery and a serious assault from last week that police believe were linked.

They also spoke to lots of residents and local businesses and passed on crime prevention advice.

Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Rana said: "There has been a number of incidents recently that have caused us and local residents concern and so in response we launched this extra police activity.

"We want to show residents how seriously we take this issue and that we are here to support them. We also want to show the minority who are responsbile for causing the problems that we mean business.

"The extra patrols and activity will continue and residents can expect to see more of a police presence than usual in the Blakelaw area in the coming days. Please speak to us, tell us about what is happening and where it's happening and we will do everything we can to help make Blakelaw a safer place for everyone."

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