Police and public on SpeedWatch in Hazlerigg

08 Mar 2016 13:09 PM

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Police in Newcastle have been working with the community to keep the roads safe.

On Monday, February 29, Community Support Officer Jonathan Dunn ran a Community Speedwatch operation on the Coach Lane Hazlerigg.

Working with the local community 80 cars were speed checked during the hour long operation.

16 cars were found to be speeding and the drivers will be sent letters of advice around speeding and safe driving.

CSO Jonathan Dunn said: "Residents in Hazlerigg told us speeding drivers through Coach Lane of the village was a concern and so, working with the local community, we arranged the speedwatch operation.

"By carrying out operations like this we can help local communities feel safer and also raise the issue of road safety, and if it helps to safe just one life out on the roads then it will be worth it."

Community Speed Watch is a scheme operating across the Northumbria police force area allowing local people to help reduce traffic speeds.  It’s about taking positive action, with local people working together with police to improve the safety and quality of life for everyone in the area.

Volunteers set up the watch in a designated spot, using measuring equipment to record the speed of passing vehicles. Details are noted of any vehicles found to be speeding. 

Working with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, a letter is then sent to motorists about their speeding. If the same driver is identified as speeding in the area a number of times then officers will make contact with the driver and  positive action will be taken

The activity is part of the force's road safety Operation Dragoon - aimed at making the roads safer for everyone.

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