Walker burglary warning

22 Mar 2016 12:00 PM

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Police are warning residents to lock their homes and remove the keys from their doors after a number of burglaries in Walker.

In recent weeks there have been a number of homes targeted by burglars in the housing estates bordered by The Fossway and Welbeck Road and in the Byker Old Town area.

The burglars have been gaining entry through unlocked doors and helping themselves to peoples' possessions.

Between 8:30pm Monday, March 21, and 6:45am Tuesday, March 22, burglars broke into a house in Wyedale Way.

Officers believe they got inside the property by reaching through the letter box and unlocking the security latch before letting themselves inside.

They searched the ground floor of the property stealing a number of items including an iPad, an Xbox 1, cash, jewellery and mobile phones.

Enquiries are ongoing into the recent burglaries and police are warning people to lock their doors and be on their guard to 'letter-box burglars'.

Newcastle East Sergeant Paul Duncan said: "In recent weeks we've had a number of reports of burglary to homes where the doors have been left open and unlocked. This is like an invite to an opportunist criminal and they can be in and out of your home within minutes without you event knowing about it.

"This most recent burglary involved the burglar reaching through the letter-box and unhooking a security latch. We need people to make sure they lock all doors and windows before bed, or before they leave the house.

"Make sure that the keys are out of the locks and not left anywhere within reach of the letter-box. We've seen burglars reach through tight spaces to get inside homes and also use equipment like hooks to get to keys that can be seen through a letter-box. So remove them from the door, store them somewhere safe and help stop burglars from getting into your home.

"I'd urge anyone who saw anything or anyone suspicious in the Wyedale Way area last night or this morning to contact us and let us know. We have officers in the area today carrying out enquiries and passing on crime prevention advice to local residents - it's important people know how burglars are getting into homes and what they can do to stop them."

Anyone who was in Wyedale Way and who saw anyone suspicious between the times the burglary occurred is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 116 22/03/16.

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