Police visit schools in Newcastle

23 Mar 2016 14:54 PM

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Police have been visiting schools in north Newcastle and raising awareness in local policing.

Last week PCs Becky Ward and Ian Carlin from the Newcastle North Neighbourhood Policing Team visited Walbottle and Kenton schools and ran awareness sessions with pupils.

They spoke to students from year 5, year 10 and year 11 on a number of important issues including online safety, anti-social behaviour and the work police to keep them and their communities safe.

PC Michael Geeling from the community engagement team also joined them and talked pupils through the work that went into policing last weekend's derby match.

PC Becky Ward said: "Our visits went down really well with the pupils and staff at both the schools and I've had lots of positive feedback on the sessions, so we will definitely be looking to run them again sometime soon.

"Visits like this are really important to show younger people a side to the police that they might not ordinarily see. Their impression of us might be that we are scary or that we only deal with bad people and bad situations and it's our job, through sessions like this, to change that perception and show them that we are here to help them, protect them and keep them safe.

"We really enjoy coming into schools and working with the pupils. It's important that we invest this time in the young people now and hopefully it will pay off in the future."

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