Proud of Blakelaw PCSO Andrea Fryer

29 Mar 2016 08:42 AM

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Police Community Support Officer Andrea Fryer was awarded the Outstanding Community Support Officers of the year award at the recent Pride in Policing Awards 2016.

Andrea is a PCSO in the Blakelaw area of Newcastle and has been in the role for the last three years

She was given the award for her involvement in neighbourhood policing, her excellent work in the local community and the relationships she has built with local residents.

Working closely with the local council, councillors and businesses she has played a huge part in tackling anti-social behaviour and crime in the area.

She has gained the trust and respect of many of the youngsters who live in Blakelaw and regularly works with them and supports them. She has worked with many young people in the area and helped them avoid becoming involved in crime and disorder.

As well as her excellent community support work Andrea has been involved in detecting and preventing a number of crimes and has played a part in many policing operations and incidents in the area.

Central Area Command Chief Superintendent Laura Young said: "Andrea is a credit to the Blakelaw area and to the whole of the Northumbria Police force.

"She is a fantastic officer and exemplifies everything that the public would want and expect from an officer. She is hard working, professional and enthusiastic. She cares about the job she does and the area she does it in. The improvements that we have seen in the Blakelaw area over the last three years have been down to the work that Andrea has done and the relationships she has built.

"The feedback I get from the local community about Andrea and the works she does is incredible and I am delighted that this has been recognised by the force.

"Andrea truly is an outstanding officer and we are very proud to have her as part of the team here in Newcastle."

CSO Andrea Fryer said: "When I was announced as the winner I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, I was delighted. Blakelaw is a great area to work, and has a real community spirit and I'm grateful for the support and kind words from local residents and partners.

"When I first came to the area I made sure I engaged with the kids as much as possible, I spent time with them on the streets and at youth clubs to find out what made them tick, what issues they had and to get to know them , we now have a mutual trust and respect for each other and it's really paying off."

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