Northumbria Police recognised for services to National Volunteer Police Cadet team

15 Apr 2016 13:34 PM

National VPC awards [View Full Size]

Northumbria Police has received two awards from the National Volunteer Police Cadets Team (NVPC).

Ed Sherry, NVPC Programme Director, and Kath Bromilow, NVPC Team Leader, recently visited Northumbria Police to present awards to Sgt Alan Parks and VPC Katie Reynolds in recognition of their services to the national team.

Alan, who is the coordinator for Northumbria Police Cadets, has been assisting the national team since 2010 and has provided advice and guidance to other police forces on managing and operating their own cadet schemes.

Katie, a year 4 cadet in South Tyneside, has also been responsible for the publication of the NVPC Newsletter since 2014.

Ed Sherry said: "The Northumbria Police Volunteer Police Cadets scheme is held in high regard and is a great example of what can be achieved through volunteering and helping young people to make positive contributions to their communities. Due to the success of the Northumbria scheme we have signposted many other forces to Alan for advice and guidance in establishing and running police cadets. This award recognises Alan's exemplary services to our organisation".

Kath Bromilow said: "The publication of the NVPC Newsletter  is an important part of our service to the UK cadet schemes, Katie volunteered to take over the editing and production of this monthly article, her work has been amazing and she has helped us to produce a high quality newsletter, this award recognises Katie's work on behalf of the national team".

Sgt Parks said: "I am very honoured to receive this award in recognition of my role which I have really enjoyed. I am pleased that the Northumbria Police Cadet scheme is held in high regard by our partners".

VPC Katie Reynolds said: " I am very gratefull to receive this award, I have found the role of editor to be very rewarding".

NVPC, led by Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer,  supports all UK police cadet schemes, it provides guidance and training under a standard framework. It has also received funding from the Police Innovation Fund to allow police cadets to grow from 10,000 to 28,000 by 2020, this will provide the opportunity for police cadets to contribute a million volunteering hours to policing and communities.

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