Tackling ASB motorcycling in Gateshead

15 Apr 2016 12:11 PM

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Police and Gateshead Council aim to get a handle on off-road motorbike disorder in the borough.

As the evenings get lighter, the reports of motorbike ASB become more frequent as they cause damage to the local area, disturb local residents, and the riders put themselves and other members of the public in danger.

Officers have been taking action by carrying out extra patrols in areas where there have been problems; however by the time the incident is reported to police the offenders have often made off.

The police are urging residents, if they see incidents happening, to phone 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. The police will need to know the location and a description of the riders and their motorbikes.

Neighbourhood Inspector Darren Sweeney, said: "Motorbikes being used dangerously and anti-socially are a real concern for us and for our local residents. They tear up land and damage public spaces, they make a horrendous noise and they are being ridden at all hours. But the most important issue is one of safety. These riders are often amateurs who aren't insured or wearing the correct safety equipment. They could seriously injure themselves or members of the public and we won't stand by and allow this to happen.

"People in Gateshead can be reassured that we are focusing on this issue and have plans in place to tackle it. Anyone caught riding anti-socially or illegally will be stopped and arrested. They face having their motorbikes seized from them and they could face being put in front of the courts. We are taking a hard-line on this and we need residents to help and support us with the operation."

A spokesperson for Gateshead Council, said: "People riding motorbikes off-road are hard to catch in the act. That’s why we are looking at ways to discourage people from doing this in the first place and asking them to think twice about doing this and consider other people who live nearby."

"The police have been giving out information leaflets in affected areas to warn about anti-social motorcycling. They’ve also been visiting schools to advise young people about the danger of riding motorbikes in such a manner, reminding them of the disturbance it causes and the fact that it’s illegal." 

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