Bogus caller warning in Newcastle

20 Apr 2016 15:52 PM

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Police are reminding residents to be on their guard for bogus doorstep callers.

The warning is after an incident on Tuesday, April 19, where a man, claiming to be from the council, got into a resident's home in the Newbiggin Hall Estate to 'check their boiler'.

Although the man did get inside the property the homeowner followed him and watched over him while he pretended to check the boiler.

Because the resident insisted on staying with the man the whole time the man made an excuse about the boiler not being the right type for him to fix and left the property empty handed.

They reported this to us and we made enquiries with the council who have no type of work like this ongoing in that area.

We believe the man was a bogus official and had intended on committing a crime inside the address.

He was described as being in his mid to late 20s, 5ft 10ins tall and with short dark brown messy hair. He was clean shaven, spoke with a local accent and was wearing a navy blue polo shirt covered in white paint.

Enquiries are ongoing into the incident and anyone with any information is asked to ring 101 quoting reference number 396 19/04/16.

Newcastle Neighbourhood Inspector Alan Pitchford said: "There is nothing wrong with being cautious if someone you don't know comes to your door - even if they do claim to be from the council, a repairman or from any agency, even the police.

"Legitimate visitors will always have identification with them and will be happy and willing to show you this before they enter your property. They will understand that you might want to check them out before letting them inside your home and will be happy for you to run any checks you need to first.

"If anyone comes to your door then demand they show you ID - if you're in any doubt then do not let them into your home and ring the police on 101 or 999 if you feel threatened in any way."

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