Cannabis farm compost donated to local group

20 Apr 2016 08:36 AM

Donated compost [View Full Size]

Police have donated 50 bags of compost intended for an illegal cannabis farm to the Westerhope Institute in Newcastle.

On March 23 officers from the Newcastle North Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out a search of an address in Benwell after reports of disorder at the property.

They discovered a 300 plant strong cannabis farm inside the house.

The plants, lighting and heating equipment were seized by officers along with 50 unopened bags of compost.

The cannabis was destroyed and the heating and lighting equipment removed, however the compost bags that were found were unopened and of good quality.

Local officers contacted the nearby Westerhope Institute and asked if they could make good use of the compost and they were delighted to take it off the police's hands.

Newcastle North Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Rana said: "It's fantastic that we can put something that was intended for criminal purpose to good use and help out the Westerhope Institute.

"The institute is a great place where lots of elderly members of the community gather and they have a bowling green and children's play park and so they will definitely be able to make good use of all of the compost. 

"Tackling illegal drug use and production in our communities is a priority for us and if we can do that while helping out our local communities and local organisations at the same time, then all the better."

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