Sneak burglars target homes in Heaton and Jesmond

21 Apr 2016 13:30 PM

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Police are urging residents in Jesmond and Heaton to lock their windows and doors and help keep sneak burglars out of their homes.

The warning follows a number of recent incidents in the two areas where thieves have sneaked into homes that have been left unlocked and helped themselves to peoples' belongings.

The burglaries have happened both overnight, when people have been in bed and have forgotten to lock their doors and windows, and during the day, while occupants have been inside their homes and in other parts of the property.

One incident of note recently involved a burglar sneaking into a 94-year-old woman's house in Heaton and stealing her purse from her handbag. This happened in the middle of the day when the woman was inside her home and had left a door unlocked.

Officers are urging homeowners to help them stop these sneak burglars by making sure their homes are secure at all times.

Neighbourhood Inspector Neil Brotherton said: "Sneak burglars are taking advantage of people leaving their homes unlocked in Jesmond and Heaton and we need people to be aware and take steps to stop them.

"When you get in the house get into the habit of locking your front door behind you. We've seen far too many burglaries committed while the victim has been upstairs, in the kitchen or in the garden while their home has been burgled. Lock the front door when you come in and this will stop this from happening.

"Do the same on a night. Always double check before bed that your doors are locked and windows are secure - get into the routine of doing it and it becomes second nature.

"It could be the difference between being the victim of a burglary or not.

"Sneak burglars tend to target the elderly or the most vulnerable. So please pass this information on to elderly family or friends and help them to keep themselves and their homes protected."

To report any suspicious people hanging around neighbourhoods, or for crime prevention information from local police, ring 101.

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