Appeal after Winlaton burglary

03 May 2016 14:11 PM

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Police are appealing for information after a burglary in Winlaton.

Around 10:15am on Friday, April 29, a burglar was disturbed inside the home of an elderly man in Whinney Close.

The occupant - a man in his 90s - was sleeping when he was awoken by the thief who was in his bedroom.

The intruder fled when confronted by the homeowner and police were called. An amount of cash was stolen from inside the address.

Enquiries are ongoing into the incident and anyone with any information into the burglary is asked to contact police.

Neighbourhood Inspector Cheryl Warcup said: "This sneak burglar has broken into the home of an elderly member of our community and stolen from him. This is the home of someone who served this country during the war and this behaviour is disgusting and it will not be tolerated.

"To target the most vulnerable in our communities is just unacceptable and I'd urge anyone who knows who has committed this cowardly burglary to ring and tell us, anonymously if they wish.

"Their actions have left the victim extremely upset and frightened and his family very concerned for his welfare. We need to find them and get them off our streets as soon as possible."

Anyone with information is asked to ring 101 quoting reference number 317 29/04/16.




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