Drugs seized in Throckley and Lemington raids

13 May 2016 09:49 AM

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Police have arrested 11 people and seized thousands of pounds worth of drugs in a series of raids across Throckley and Lemington.

In the last few weeks 24/7 response officers carried out ten drugs warrants in the two north west areas of Newcastle.

In Lemington; eight properties in the Lemington Court, Dene Avenue and Claremont Avenue areas were subject to police raids.

Officers seized drugs including cannabis plants, cannabis bush, cocaine and a kilo of amphetamine from the properties. An illegal taser was also found and seized from one of the houses.

In Throckley; two homes in Lydney Court and Ambleside were searched and cannabis bush, large amounts of cash and a bottle of liquid (suspected to be ammonia) was seized.

Seven men and four women were arrested in connection with the warrants and enquiries remain on-going.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Pinner Rana for the local area said: "This action is about disrupting those suspected of being involved in drugs and criminal activity here in Newcastle.

"The whole operation has been intelligence led and I really want to praise and thank the people in Throckley and Lemington for helping us to identify those suspected of causing harm in their communities.

"This shows that if you work with us then we will do everything we can to help make where you live a safer and nicer place to be. It's thanks to their help we have dangerous drugs off the streets and a number of individuals now facing criminal action.

"This activity should send a strong and clear message out to the minority who live in Throckley and Lemington and who think committing crime is acceptable.

"We will not stop pursuing you and all of the warrants, raids, house searches and the arrests will continue for as long as you are involved in committing crimes in our area."

To speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team ring 101.


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