Intruder warning to residents in Low Fell

27 May 2016 08:42 AM

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Police are warning residents in Gateshead to lock their doors and be on the look out for opportunist burglars.

The advice comes after a number of recent incidents in the Low Fell area where homeowners have disturbed intruders inside their properties.

In the last week there has been four reports of intruders being caught inside homes in the Grisedale Gardens and Appleby Gardens areas.

In all of the instances the offenders have managed to sneak into properties through unlocked doors, and although nothing was stolen in any of them officers are urging the public to lock their door and help keep burglars and thieves out.

Extra patrols are being carried out across the Low Fell area and officers are posting crime prevention leaflets through peoples' doors warning them about the recent incidents and advising them on what they can do to avoid becoming a victim to opportunist criminals.

Neighbourhood Inspector Mick Robson said: "An open and unlocked home is like an open invitation for opportunist criminals. Please lock your door at all times and help keep them out of your home.

"It takes seconds for a thief or burglar to be in and out of your home through an open door and they can make off with thousands of pounds worth of your valuables and belongings.

"Protect your home, your property, and report anyone who you see hanging around where you live to us on 101 and we will attend. If you see anyone looking into house windows or trying door handles then ring us immediately and we will take action."


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