A very Special weekend in Newcastle & Gateshead

06 Jun 2016 12:14 PM

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Special Constables in Newcastle and Gateshead are being praised by senior police officers and the public after a road safety operation over the weekend.

'Operation Fatal Four' was organised and executed entirely by special constables from Central Area Command and involved 22 Special Constables who gave over 271 hours of their own time to help protect their local communities.

The operation focused on the four main causes of serious injury and death on the roads (known as the 'fatal four') - Drink & Drug Driving, Speeding, Using a mobile phone while driving and Not wearing a seat belt.

Based at several locations across the two areas on Saturday and Sunday Special Constables stopped 51 drivers who were found driving at excess speeds.

11 were given warning letters, 25 directed to attend speed awareness courses, 14 given fixed penalty notices and 1 summonsed to court for doing 56mph in a 30mph zone.

Two drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for ignoring red lights and three people were directed to attend driver courses for not wearing seat belts.

Four drivers were given VDRS warnings and told to fix their vehicles and make them safe and one person was given a cannabis warning after being found in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Two vehicles were seized and uplifted from drivers without insurance - one of whom also had no driver's licence, and officers also were involved in a vehicle pursuit that resulted in a driver being arrested on suspicion of being unfit through drugs.

Central Area Command Chief Inspector Steve Hails said: "It was my privilege to work alongside our Special Constables this weekend as part of the operation arranged entirely by them.

"Their enthusiasm and  professionalism was absolutely fantastic to see and they are a credit not only to Northumbria Police, but also the communities they serve.

"I can't praise them enough for what they did this weekend and I was pleased to see the public doing the same. Members of the public were incredibly supportive of the operation - speaking to our officers and thanking officers for their work. A lot of praise came in through Facebook and Twitter as well and they really appreciated the work that the Specials put in.

"Everyone who was involved should be incredibly proud of the work they did."

As well the fatal four road safety operation, special constables carried out extra patrols on the Metro network across Newcastle and Gateshead providing reassurance to those in the centre on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

They also joined the police helicopter team up in the skies above the region over the weekend, the force's dog section and motor patrols unit.

The activity came during National Specials Weekend which was all about celebrating the contribution the Special Constabulary make to policing and serving their communities.

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