Dangerous school parkers warned by police

08 Jun 2016 14:29 PM

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Inconsiderate drivers causing problems outside a school in Gateshead school are being warned by police.

Officers have received a number of complaints from other road users, parents and local residents about the parking and driving behaviour from some parents from Rowlands Gill Primary School.

A number of parents and carers dropping off and picking pupils up at the school are parking inconsiderately and causing an obstruction by parking on the footpaths.

This causes a nuisance for pedestrians and other road users and can be dangerous for both road users and pedestrians in the area.

Police have discussed the problem with the schools who have written to parents asking them to park appropriately, but the problem has persisted.

Officers are attending the school at the key drop off times to monitor driver behaviour and will be taking action against anyone committing offences.

Drivers who obstruct the highway can face paying a fixed penalty notice fine. Others who are found dangerously parking or causing annoyance by the manner of their driving will initially be given a section 59 warning notice for causing a nuisance to other road users.  If they repeat the same offence in a 12 month period then their vehicles can be seized by police.

Inspector Cheryl Warcup, of Gateshead's Inner / Outer West neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "This is a persistent parking problem which we are now dealing with.  We've tried working with the schools to give advice to parents about this, but this advice has not been heeded. Now we are taking action to stop this behaviour.

"Young people crossing the road can be vulnerable at the best of times without the extra risks posed by motorists parking inconsiderately. We know that parents are often busy and rushing to make school pick ups and drop offs but they need to think carefully about how they park can impact on the safety of children.

"Saving a few seconds by parking closer to the gate is no excuse for adding risks to children’s journeys to and from school.

"If motorists are causing an obstruction they are breaking the law and could face a fine. Officers will be carrying out regular patrols in the area to make sure drivers are parking legally."

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