Tackling motorcycle ASB in Gateshead

08 Jun 2016 13:00 PM

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Police are warning illegal motorbike riders in the Allerdene and Harlow Green areas of Gateshead that they face being prosecuted if caught.

The warning follows a number of recent reports from local residents about people riding motorbikes on the fields opposite Waverley Road.

The bikers are damaging private and public land, causing a noise disturbance to local people day and night and are putting people, especially children, who walk in the area at risk of harm.

Local Neighbourhood Acting Inspector Daniel Peacock, who is overseeing an operation to tackle the issue, said: "We have had 52 calls in the last three months reporting illegal off road motorcycles being ridden on the fields in Allerdene and Harlow Green. We take these reports seriously and will work with our partners at the local authority to tackle this issue and ensure the safety of the public.

"We are launching an operation to identify and put a stop to these riders and anyone who is caught riding illegally in the area by officers faces being arrested, being disqualified from driving, having their motorbike seized from and other criminal action.

"It's a hard line we are taking but it's become a real problem for people in the area and so we want to put a stop to it."

The operation will involve officers carrying out high visibility patrols in the affected areas at key times. Undercover officers will also be in the area looking to identify these illegal riders.

The public are asked to help by reporting illegal motorbikes being ridden in the area straight away on the 101 number. By flagging the issue up while it's happening means officers can respond immediately.

People are also asked to take down and pass onto police any descriptions of illegal motorcycles and their riders and information like registration plates.

Acting Inspector Peacock added: "It's illegal for scooters or motorbikes to be ridden off-road; off-road bikes must not be ridden in public areas such as parks and footpaths, nor should any bike be ridden in a dangerous or disorderly way.

"We have already issued a section 59 order to one rider who we caught in the area and seized his motorbike. Another man has been summonsed to court for multiple road traffic offences.

"This should serve as a warning to others who have motorbikes and who think its OK to ride them illegally and in public areas without any insurance or any safety equipment that we will take action.

"They are not only putting themselves at risk but also the safety of other road users. We will use the powers we have to arrest and take these bikes off those found breaking the law."

Gateshead Council’s Service Director for Development and Public Protection, Anneliese Hutchinson, said: "It’s hard for the police to catch illegal motorcyclists in the act, as by the time the offence is reported, the offenders have made off. So I’m appealing to residents to let the police know of any information they have about them, descriptions of clothing, number plates or type of motorbike, so the police can follow up these leads and catch them."

"Gateshead Council are working with the police to make sure our residents are not put at risk by these irresponsible motorcyclists. Council Officers have installed signs in these areas to make it clear, under no uncertain terms, that off-road motorcycling is illegal and will not be tolerated."

Anyone with concerns about motorbike disorder is asked to contact police on 101.  

To report motorcycle disorder please contact your local neighbourhood team on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

The operation will be rolled out all across Gateshead in the coming months to tackle motorbike ASB right across the borough.

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