Underage drinking operation in Newcastle

13 Jun 2016 14:10 PM

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Police in Newcastle are praising local shop staff and thanking them for their ongoing help to tackling underage drinking in the area.

On Friday, June 10, officers carried out a series of 'test purchase' checks on shops in the Throckley, Lemington, West Denton, Westerhope and Blakelaw areas of the city.

Northumbria's Volunteer Police Cadets, acted as test purchasers and attempted to purchase alcohol from a total of 11 stores in the areas. All were under 18.

On all 11 occasions they were refused the sale as they could not provide any proof they were aged 18 or over.

The operation was aimed at identifying any premises selling alcohol to children in the area and local officers are delighted with the results of the initiative.

Newcastle Sergeant Bhupinder Rana said: "It's great to see the staff and licensees from local shops taking their responsibilities seriously and not selling alcohol to children.

"Children drinking alcohol can cause all kinds of serious issues. It can put kids at risk of becoming involved in disorder or make them vulnerable - increasing the chances they could end up the victim of a crime.

"Children drinking is also directly linked to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), we know this, and it can really affect local people and their way of life. Noise, damage, ASB are all the results of children drinking and that's why we are committed to tackling the issue and with the local shops on board then it will only help us.

"We know there are adults buying alcohol for children and if we catch anyone doing this we will take action against them and we will continue to be pro-active and run these type of operations all across Newcastle.

"So licensees and staff need to ensure they are on top of their game at all times and always ID anyone who they suspect might be underage."


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