Speedwatch Operation in Walker

22 Jun 2016 10:40 AM

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Police in the Walker and Walkergate areas of Newcastle have been taking action against speeding drivers.

Following concerns from local people about speeding and the risks to residents and other road users PCSOs Nathan Milner and Barry Stewart have been running a series of operations aimed at tackling the problems.

They have carried out a number of speed checks on drivers in Walker Road, Wharrier Street, Waverdale Avenue, Oakdale Avenue and Appletree Gardens.

They also teamed up with Community Speed Watch volunteers and ran checks in Westbourne Avenue, Stotts Road, Middle Street and Langley Road.

Over the year thousands of vehicles were checked by officers during the operations and 294 motorists have been spoken to and given advice about their driving after being found speeding.

The details of speeding drivers have been recorded and anyone caught speeding a second time could face further action being taken against them.

Newcastle East inspector Gary Kay said: "Tackling excessive speed in the Walker and Walkergate areas has been adopted as a Neighbourhood Priority during the forthcoming summer months after residents told us it was a pressing concern. A lot of children live and play in the areas where we carried out the activity and we won't allow the actions of drivers to put them in danger.

"PCSOs Milner and Stewart received a really positive reaction from local people while carrying out the operations - people in the street talking to them, praising the work they were doing and really getting behind what we they were trying to achieve. It goes to show what an important issue that road safety is for everybody."

"We will be using the results from the operations and passing them onto the local authority so they can be used to consider what traffic calming measures can be used in the area.

"We want to say a big thank you to the Community Speed Watch volunteers who took part in all of the activity, they are a huge help and asset and they do it all because they care about their communities."

In further support of road safety concerns, officers in Walker and Walkergate have seized 79 vehicles from public roads having been found being driven without motor insurance since January 2016.

The activity comes at the same time as Northumbria's Euro 2016 drink and drug campaign which is being led by the Op Dragoon road safety team.

The campaign will see anyone involved in a collision, or caught driving inappropriately, breathalysed on the roadside throughout the course of the tournament in France.

It is hoped the campaign will encourage motorists to plan how they are getting home when they go to the pub, or a friend's house, to watch the football. It is also warning people about the dangers of driving following a night of heavy alcohol consumption.

Anyone who suspects somebody of drink driving should contact Op Dragoon by calling 101, or 999 in an emergency.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a community Speed Watch volunteer can contact the Newcastle East Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.

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