Police advice to Beyonce concert goers

27 Jun 2016 00:00 AM

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Northumbria Police is reminding people going to the Beyonce concert tomorrow night to take a few moments to consider crime prevention and safety tips.
Police have been working closely with Sunderland AFC and its partners to ensure the event runs smoothly and disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum.
The concert is expected to attract large crowds, and as with any event that attracts a large number of people, police want to remind people to keep items such as mobile phones and wallets safe.
Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: "Making sure items such as mobile phones and wallets are kept somewhere safe means you are less likely to lose them - or have them stolen by pick pockets.
"Don't show off your belongings and make sure you keep them somewhere where you would know if it were to fall out or if someone had stolen it. It might be easy just to slip a mobile phone into your back pocket but this also means its just as easy for a pick pocket to steal it."
Police also want to remind people driving to the concert to leave plenty of time for their journey and be patient as the roads around the Stadium of Light are likely to be busy and that roadworks on the A1231 may cause delays - avoid the route if possible and switch off Sat Navs as it will may take you along this route.
Pollice are offering the following crime prevention and safety tips to those going to the concert:
- Anyone who sees a crime taking place, or has concerns about someone acting suspiciously or anything that seems out of the ordinary can either pass this to an officer on patrol or ring police on 101.
- Make a note of the prearranged meeting points incase you become lost or lose someone, make sure you have the phone numbers of people you are with so you can contact them if you need to.
- Drink responsibly and look after yourself, make sure you have plans to get home.
- Keep your personal belongings – mobile phones, wallets etc – somewhere safe. Don’t leave bags open and make sure nothing valuable is left in a bag or pocket that someone can access without you knowing.
- If you are driving, make sure you have locked your vehicle before leaving it unattended and don’t leave anything valuable inside.