Street Pastor scheme comes to Jesmond

01 Jul 2016 09:11 AM

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Police in Jesmond are working with the Street Pastors in order to help keep people safe.

Launched last week, the Street Pastors are working alongside officers in the Jesmond area on evenings and weekends and offering help to those that need it.

They are patrolling the Streets around Osborne Road, Acorn Road, West Jesmond Metro station and adjoining streets. They lookout for Vulnerable people, coming alongside them to make sure they are safe before helping them on their homeward journey.

The introduction of the scheme in Jesmond follows on from the success of the street pastors in Newcastle city centre, Sunderland and Whitley Bay where they have worked with officers over the last few years.

Chris Lincoln on behalf of Jesmond Street Pastors said they were delighted to be starting in Jesmond and are looking forward to working with the Police and helping keep Jesmond safe.

Newcastle East Inspector Alan Pitchford said: "The Street Pastor's scheme is a real success story for Newcastle and the North East and we are delighted that they were happy to extend their help to the Jesmond are and are really looking forward to having them work alongside us.

"Street Pastors work very well with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams and are a great asset to the community ensuring people stay safe and are looked after if they become vulnerable through excess alcohol. The caring presence of the uniformed volunteers also frees up officers to concentrate on preventing crime and any disorder.

"I have no doubt the scheme will be great success for the area and I'd like to thank all of those that volunteer for their assistance."

Jesmond Councillor Stella Postlethwaite said "I am delighted that a team of Street Pastors has been set up in Jesmond and would like to thank all the local churches and volunteers involved.

"It is wonderful to see local people giving their time and efforts to protecting others in this generous and caring way. I wish everyone involved success in the project and thank them for their help in keeping people in Jesmond safe."


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