50 arrested in Newcastle and Gateshead burglary op

07 Jul 2016 10:56 AM

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We are committed to cutting the numbers of burglaries in Newcastle and Gateshead and working with our communities to help keep them safe.

Earlier this year a burglary operation was launched aimed at getting burglars off our streets and protecting peoples' homes.

Thanks to the hard work of detectives, 24/7 response and neighbourhood officers 50  people (48 male and 2 female) have been arrested in connection with burglaries in the two areas during June.

Of these 50:

20 have been charged with offences and will be appearing at court to face action.

19 have been bailed pending further enquiries.

8 have been released with no further action.

3 people arrested during June have been charged appeared at court and are now serving prison sentences.

Central Area Command Superintendent Steve Ammari said: "We are about to enter the summer holidays and that's a key time for burglaries here in Newcastle and Gateshead.

"When it's warm people leave doors and windows open during the day, and even over night, and this increases the opportunities for burglars to get inside homes.

"It's vital that people bear this in mind and take steps to minimise the risk of becoming the victim to a burglar. Lock doors, shut windows and just think about how safe your home is.

"We will do our bit and will continue to keep burglary a priority for our officers. We will continue to target those who we know are responsible for committing burglaries and do everything we can to keep burglars off our streets and out of peoples' homes. Please help us by locking up this summer and keeping burglars out of your home."

Burglary will remain a priority for officers in Newcastle and Gateshead for July.

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