Don't save home and vehicle security for a rainy day!

19 Jul 2016 17:00 PM

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Northumbria Police is reminding residents in Sunderland and South Tyneside to keep their homes secure this summer.

During warmer weather people spend more time in the garden and open doors and windows to let some air in.

But, it can be all too easy to forget to lock the back door before bed, or leave a window open in the front room while sat in the back garden - making the home inviting to a burglar.

And, it's not just homes police want to remind people to keep secure and are reminding motorists not to leave the window to their vehicle open when they park up.

Southern Area Command Acting Detective Inspector Lynne Colledge said: "It's great that the weather is nice and we want people to be able to enjoy it, however, it can be all too easy when you're enjoying the sun to forget something that we all do each day which is to check our windows and doors. 

"It only takes a few moments to double check all of the doors are locked and to close a window but will make it less attractive to a thief.

"We know people will want to leave a window open overnight  but if you are leaving a window open overnight only do so if you are in the room, a ground floor window can make an easy target.

"Another good idea is to  lock the window in place so that it can't be opened any further and to try and use good quality locks to both front and rear doors. The top quality one is five lever mortice locks manufactured to British Standards. Keys can also be a target so leave them out of sight of any intruders but close to hand in the event of an emergency."

"Even if you are in the room, if you've left your mobile phone or car keys by an open window a thief can easily reach in and take them. And, if it's car keys they take, they will also steal your vehicle."

The advice forms part of Operation Impact - Southern Area Command's response to target burglars. Each day burglars action is taken across Sunderland and South Tyneside to catch and disrupt burglars.

For more crime prevention advice visit the Northumbria Police website

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