Extra officers for the International Sunderland Airshow

19 Jul 2016 16:36 PM

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Northumbria Police will have extra officers on patrol throughout the weekend of the International Sunderland Airshow this weekend to help keep the event safe and enjoyable .

As usual officers will be on patrol in and around the airshow grounds as well as across the wider city. And, as part of Operation Harpoon, officers will be on patrol on the seafront in Seaburn and Roker to make sure the area is not being used by underage youngsters drinking alcohol and getting involved in anti-social behaviour.

Launched last week Operation Harpoon sees Sunderland North Neighbourhood Policing Team carry out dedicated patrols on and around the seafront. Underage drinking can be a catalyst for anti-social behaviour and officers will specifically on the lookout for youngsters drinking alcohol.

And, to help reduce anti-social behaviour caused by underage drinking during the airshow weekend police will using alcohol testing strips.

Silver Commander for the airshow is Superintendent Sarah Pitt who wants to make sure the airshow is a fun family event for everyone going along, and not ruined by a minority who may cause a nuisance.

Superintendent Pitt said: "My priority is making sure everyone who is going to the airshow has a great time, is safe and that there is as little disruption to our local communities as possible. We know that underage drinking is a  catalyst for anti-social behaviour and are taking great steps to make sure it is prevented before it gets to that point.

"As part of Operation Harpoon local police will be carrying out anti-social behaviour patrols throughout the weekend - if they see any youngsters who are underage and in possession of alcohol they will take this from them and anyone found to be a ringleader in anti-social behaviour will be warned by police, those who are persistently involved in anti-social behaviour will be visited at home and spoken to in front of their parents or an appropriate adult."

Sunderland City Council’s Airshow Director, Sue Stanhope said: "Ensuring the safety of everyone at the event is a key focus when we put the airshow programme together. This includes visitors, exhibitors, staff and of course aircrew.  We, as a matter of course work closely with partners to ensure that the event will be as safe as we can make it both on the ground and in the air."

Police are also reminding adults that the warning also extends to adults and those involved in anti-social behaviour or being drunk and disorderly will be dealt with swiftly by police. Dispersal orders will be in place for the duration of the weekend - meaning anyone who is causing a nuisance will be directed to leave and not return for a set time period.

Supt Pitt added: "The airshow is a fantastic event for the region and we're really looking forward to again being a part of it, what we don't want is to have it blighted by the over excitement of a few individuals who let their behaviour get out of control."

Motorists are travelling to the airshow are remdinded of roadworks on the A1231. Please follow signs to parking areas. Sat navs may direct motorists along this route and motorists are advised to switch off sat navs and follow signs provided.

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