Chief Constable statement following employment tribunal

05 Aug 2016 16:53 PM

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Statement from Chief Constable, Steve Ashman:

"I am delighted with the findings of the tribunal.

"There is no doubt this has been an extremely difficult case for everyone involved and a significant factor within it has been the nature and volume of the personal attacks on individuals.  Many of the allegations were based on speculation, rumour and innuendo and are of an historic nature stretching back almost ten years.

"The manner in which the allegations have been raised has caused significant distress and discomfort to a large number of people, many of whom have long since retired and therefore had little relevance, if any, to the claims made by Ms Aubrey.

"I have respected the role of the tribunal and maintained a dignified silence throughout the proceedings and it is only now that it is appropriate for me comment. The damaging and malicious allegations made under the protection of a tribunal, were wholly unacceptable, deeply disappointing and very distressing to those involved.

"As the head of a police force and public body I am duty bound to consider the information presented to the tribunal. Any allegations that may have arisen during the course of the evidence or the way in which it was presented, particularly those considered criminal in nature will be considered in full

"I am delighted I can now continue to provide the very best service possible to our communities, without the added requirement of servicing the needs of these proceedings.  My priority has always been and will continue to be protecting the public. 

"I am extremely proud of Northumbria Police and the work we do, my workforce is fully committed to serving the communities of the North East; we have never wavered from doing so and never will."

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