Police investigate reports of dangerous dogs in Chopwell

09 Aug 2016 14:52 PM

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Police are appealing for help from the public about a number of alleged incidents in Gateshead.

In recent weeks officers have received information that a number of dogs have either bitten or behaved aggressively to a number of people in the Chopwell area.

The victims in these incidents have not reported them to police and officers are appealing for anyone who might have been involved in any incidents, or anyone who has any information about them, to contact them.

Gateshead Sgt Paul Booth said: "We have had a number of third party reports about dogs in the Chopwell area that have been behaving aggressively and even biting people. This isn't acceptable and we have to look into this and try and identify if this is the case before someone is seriously hurt. If anyone is aware of someone who is failing to control their dogs then I'd ask them to contact us in confidence and pass any information on."

Anyone with information is asked to ring 101 for the attention of PC 1996 Cooke.


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