Thieves targeting bikes in Newcastle city centre

09 Aug 2016 13:41 PM

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Police are urging cyclists in Newcastle city centre to protect their bikes.

In the last 24 hours officers have had three reports of bikes being stolen in areas near to the Gate, the RVI hospital and Newcastle University.

Thieves also attempted to steal a bike near to Haymarket Metro station during the same period.

Enquiries are ongoing into all of the thefts and officers are urging cyclists to protect their bikes from thieves.

They are also advising cyclists to -

- Get your bike security marked and registered at BikeRegister.

- Record details of your bike. Frame number (normally found underneath the bike between the pedals or where the back wheel slots in), BikeRegister number, other distinguishing features, and take a photo.

- Use locks of gold 'Sold Secure' standard. Also, use two different types of lock, with at least one being a high quality D-lock. It takes thieves a few seconds to cut through poor quality locks - make it as difficult for them as possible.

- Lock the frame and both wheels to the cycle parking stand.

- Make the locks and bike hard to manoeuvre. Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible.

- Lock your bike at recognised secure cycle parking. It should be well lit and covered by CCTV.

- Take the same care to lock your bike securely at home. Bikes get stolen from communal hallways, gardens and sheds.

- If your bike has been stolen, contact the police. Give them your frame number, BikeRegister number, photo and any other details.


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