Local knowledge leads to arrest

10 Aug 2016 09:00 AM

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Good local knowledge by a Neighbourhood Beat Manager in Sunderland has led to a man being charged with a string of motoring offences.

On Friday, August 5, PC Wayne Hopkinson from the Sunderland West Neighbourhood Policing Team was on patrol when he spotted a car being driven erratically in Pallion. PC Hopkinson immediately recognised the driver as a disqualified driver.

The driver continued to make off into Pallion Park before leaving the vehicle abandoned. PC Hopkinson chased after the man, and using his local knowledge, he knew there was a nearby address the man had links to - he visited the address where he found the suspect who was arrested.

The man was subsequently charged with drink driving, no insurance and driving whilst disqualified. The car was uplifted on the grounds there was no insurance and will now be crushed.

A/Neighbourhood Inspector Phil Baker said: "This is a great example of neighbourhood policing at its best and how local neighbourhood beat managers are able to use the knowledge they have of their neighbourhoods to really make a difference in local communities and ensure quick action is taken to apprehend those who cause the most harm."

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