Thefts of tools from vans

10 Aug 2016 14:38 PM

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Police are reminding van drivers to lock it or lose it after a spate of thefts from vans in Northumberland.

Over the last week there's been a number of thefts from vans in Amble and surrounding areas

Police are reminding tradesmen and delivery drivers that taking a few moments to lock their vans could prevent a costly crime.

Neighbourhood Inspector Liz Hall said: "Thieves can strike when a van is left unlocked, or when workmen or delivery drivers are just away for a few moments.

"The tools they store in their vans are often their livelihood so I'd urge people, where possible, to remove expensive items overnight. It may take a few minutes to do this but ultimately it could save a lot of anger and frustration, not to mention financial loss."

Simple steps such as parking your van with the rear door against the garage or wall, to stop thieves from being able to open it, can make a difference.

If anyone sees someone hanging around the street where they live - behaving suspiciously, trying car doors or acting out of the ordinary in any way then contact police straight away.

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