Summer sneak-in burglaries - advice for residents

19 Aug 2016 12:17 PM

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Police are advising Newcastle residents to keep their doors locked after a spate of opportunist burglaries.

Over the last three days there have been five burglaries across the citywhen homes have had front doors either left open or unlocked.

Most burglars are opportunist and take advantage of doors and windows being left open, in particular during the summer months, when people are more likely to be outside. Thieves see an open door and take a chance the house is empty, or they can sneak in without being noticed.

Now police are reminding people to keep their homes secure to prevent further crimes.

Sergeant Rob Charlton said:"We know that burglars are looking for homes that have doors or windows left unlocked and open, which can be found all too easily during the summer. An open door is like an invitation for a burglar and allows them to be in and out of a home in minutes.

"Thieves target insecure doors, trying handles and sneaking into unlocked homes. UPVC front doors are particularly attractive to thieves as many householders fail to keep them locked during the day. Remember don't lose out, keep it locked.

"This also means keeping your house and car keys out of sight.  If you leave them in plain view near an open door or window it only takes a minute for a thief to steal your keys, your valuables and your peace of mind.

"It's important residents take heed of crime prevention advice as it could prove to be the difference of being broken into or not. A few very simple measures, such as making sure front and back doors are locked, can be very effective."

If you see someone acting suspiciously where you live, call police straightaway on 101, you could help to prevent a crime.

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