Two arrested in connection with graffiti on the A1

31 Aug 2016 11:41 AM

A1 Graffiti [View Full Size]

Two men have been charged with criminal damage after graffiti was sprayed on the wooden fence on the new section of the A1.

Around 11pm on Wednesday, August 24, officers who were driving on the A1 spotted two men spray painting a section of fence at Junction 67, at the rear of Banesley Lane.

They drove to the location and arrested two men on suspicion of criminal damage. Eight cans of spray paint were also seized.

Conor Bell, 25, from Old Durham Road in Gateshead, and Kieran Thompson, 23, from Tweed Grove in Lemington, were both charged with criminal damage and will appear at court in September.

The damage will cost hundreds of pounds to repair and a section of the A1 will have to be closed for this to take place.

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