Four people arrested after police paid them a visit this morning

05 Sep 2016 17:00 PM

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Four people have been arrested after police paid them an early visit this morning.

The men arrested were all wanted in connection with a pre-arranged fight at the Williamson Jameson pub on Fawcett Street in Sunderland on Sunday, August 21 - the same day Sunderland played Middlesbrough at home in the first match of the season.

Four people were arrested in connection with the incident at the time and since then police have been carrying out extensive enquiries to identify others involved.

And, those enquiries led to the arrests this morning.

Southern Area Command Superintendent Sarah Pitt said: "We believe this was a pre-arranged fight to coincide with the first match of the season and while four people were arrested on the day we believed there were other people involved and have been carrying out enquiries to identify those people. This has led to the arrests this morning and we will not rule out that there will be more arrests.

"I would like to stress that on the day itself there was a really postive atmosphere in the city and I was really proud of both sets of fans for they way they behaved and celebrated the passion of north east football.

"This was one isolated incident and is certainly not in keeping with what we would expect from a football match or what we have seen from our football fans in recent years.

"Our Football Neihgbourhood Policing Team work closely with supporters and know that the majority of fans are passionate and do not cause us any trouble. Making these arrests helps us to allow that to continue and ensure supporters can continue to enjoy football matches in the city."


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