Looking forward to a night out tonight?

09 Sep 2016 12:00 PM

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Police in Sunderland are re-issuing safety messages to party-goers to help keep them safe on a night out.

With Freshers Week almost upon us a host of new students will embark on the city and in line with tradition will be out enjoying the very many pubs and clubs on offer in the city centre.

And, police want to make sure they, and anyone else enjoying a night out, do so safely.

While people are enjoying a night out, officers will be carrying out regular patrols throughout the city centre to offer support to revellers and help make sure they are safe.

Police and partners work closely with taxi drivers, licensed premises and door staff thought-out the town to ensure they are able to spot if someone is vulnerable, for any reason, and what they can do help.

Sunderland Central Neighbourhood Policing Team also supports the city's Pubwatch scheme to help licensees reinforce their responsibilities in helping keep the city safe.

For those looking forward to a night out with friends police would ask they look after each other and take on board some tips to help prevent themselves from coming to harm.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: "I'm delighted with the work that is on-going in Sunderland to make sure the city is a safe environment for not just students coming into the city to socialise but anyone who is visiting the city for a night out."

Chief Inspector Paul Milner said: "We know it will be freshers week in a few weeks which will see a lot of students embark on the city and we want to make sure they can do so safely, for many it may be their first time away from home and in a new and strange city it can be easy to get carried out away with the celebrations and we just want to make sure they stay safe.

"Taking on board a few tips can help, if you're planning a night out make sure you have plans to get home, book a taxi beforehand or visit one of the taxi ranks in the city and look out for your friends, try and stick together if you can.

"Always know what you're drinking, don't accept a drink from someone you don't trust and don't leave your drink unattended. We work closely with licensed premises, door staff and taxi drivers to make sure they are aware of what do if they come across someone who for whatever reason is vulnerable, if you feel like you've had too much to drink, or are feeling light-headed or ill after only a few drinks, seek help either from a members of bar staff, door staff or a credited taxi driver.

"While we're issuing this advice in time for freshers week it is advice we can all take on board when going out for a few drinks."

For more information visit Northumbria Police's website

Photo caption - Chief Inspector Paul Milner and new Chair of Pubwatch and manager of the Cooper Rose.

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