Our new police officers finish their first week on the job!

09 Sep 2016 13:00 PM

Attestation for probationers [View Full Size]

The first wave of new recruits to join Northumbria Police in more than 18 months have pulled on for their uniform for the first time this week - as they start their career as a police officer.

On Monday 5th September, 29 officers started the 12-week training course at the Force's training school in Newcastle's West End as they learn what it takes to serve in Northumbria.

Over the next three months the newly appointed probationers – 21 men and 8 women - will learn the basics of how to be a police officer before starting their first shift in December.

During their training they will receive lessons in law, safeguarding, diversity and engagement with our local communities along with officer safety and first aid

Pc Kyle Brewis is one of those who started his training this week and he has been talking about his journey to become a police officer on Twitter - through his account @NewCopKyle.

He said: "The first week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and it is still sinking in that I'm actually a police officer now when it is something I have wanted my entire life.

"I am incredibly proud to work in Northumbria to help protect those living, working and visiting the North East. This training is vital to give us the tools to be able to do just that.

"I am tweeting about my experiences to give the public a glimpse of the kind of things you have to go through to be a police officer and to help the public understand why we do what we do.

"We have already met some police officers who have been serving in this Force for a number of decades and they have been truly inspiring for all of us.

"Hopefully I can get across on Twitter exactly what this process is like and that it helps inspire more people to apply to be a police officer and be the difference in our communities."

Superintendent Gillian Mitchell is leading on the training of the new police officers and says Kyle's Twitter account is a great way for potential applicants to Northumbria to see what the Force is about.

She said: "This will be a really exciting time for all of the officers who have donned the uniform for the first time this week, I have been involved with these officers since recruitment and I am really looking forward to see them progress through their training..

"Over the next three years we will be recruiting more than 600 officers to the Force so there are opporunities there for anyone who wants to be the difference in their local communities.

"These officers will spend the next two years as response oficers but following that they could joing one of 200 different roles in the Force including the dog section, firearms support unit and our crime department.

"I have been a police officer for more than 30 years and it is fantastic to see these men and women at the start of their journey. Hopefully this can encourage others to apply to join us today."

See what it takes to be a probationer police officer in the North East by following Kyle's journey on his Twitter account @NewCopKyle.

Anyone interested in joining him can apply to be a police officer by searching Northumbria Police careers online today and filling in the application form on the website.