Police praise conduct of Berwick residents

01 Oct 2016 07:00 AM

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17:00 UPDATE: Demonstrations in Berwick

Police praise conduct of the Berwick residents

Police have praised the conduct of Berwick residents following planned protests held in the town today (Sat 1, October), by members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and North East Infidels (NEI).

T/Supt Peter Storey said: "The residents of Berwick greatly assisted us today - their conduct and patience was exemplary, helping a potentially difficult event pass safely.

"By successfully coming together, and through careful planning with officers from the Neighbourhood Team, the event passed without significant incident - a testament to the fantastic community spirit we're proud to have in this town."

10:00 Demonstartions in Berwick
There will be extra officers in Berwick today (Sat 1, October) to oversee two protests taking place. 
Members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) and North East Infidels (NEI) have informed police of their plans to hold a peaceful protest.
There will also be a counter protest organised by  local groups taking place at the same time.
The counter protest will set off from The Guildhall around 12:30, making its way along Marygate and Castlegate to the War Memorial, before heading back to the Berwick Advertiser on Marygate where a protest will be held.
The SDL and NEI will be setting off from the Castle Public House at 2pm and make their way along Castlegate and Marygate before reaching their protest site at Church Street.
We are expecting both groups to have finished and began dispersing at around 3pm. 
We have been working with the organisers of both events to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the public.
Extra officers will be in Berwick from  Saturday morning to oversee the events and ensure the events pass smoothly.
There may be some delays in the area and we may need to close certain roads for short periods of time, so plan any journeys in advance and leave extra time. 
T/Supt Peter Storey said: “Berwick is a town with a strong community spirit and we recognise there may be some people who are concerned about the potential impact these events will have, however, we are working closely with both groups to do all we can to ensure everything runs smoothly and peacefully and with minimal disruption.
"Protests take place all over the country and no police force is able to ban such protests as the right to peaceful protest is a fundamental democratic right. 
"Our role is to protect, reassure and support our communities. Our priority is the safety of everyone – those attending any events, those policing them, those protesting and the general public. Be rest assured that if anyone commits any offences then we will take swift and appropriate action. 
"There will be extra officers on hand should anyone have any issues or questions. The public are advised to go about  business as usual and hopefully these events will pass quickly, without incident and causing minimal impact on the local economy."