Supporting international operation to support human trafficking and exploitation

14 Oct 2016 16:00 PM

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Northumbria Police is supporting a two-week international campaign to raise awareness of modern day slavery, human trafficking and exploitation.

The two-week operation is being led by the National Crime Agency and Northumbria Police will be raising awareness about how these issues can affect communities in the North East.

This Operation is intended as a proactive step in coordinating local to international effort against criminals that are engaged in the trafficking of human beings into conditions of sexual exploitation.

Detective Chief Inspector Helena Barron said: "Over the next two weeks, we will be out talking to people in our communities to help raise awareness of what slavery, trafficking and exploitation is and what we can do to tackle it.

"While we support this operation locally, this is an issue that impacts the whole country and internationally. This is why we work closely with UK partners and international partners such as National Crime Agency and Europol, to help gather a picture of human slavery and trafficking and how this ultimately could then affect us here in Northumbria."

Martin French, head of the NCA’s MSHTU, said: "Operational Perceptional sees UK law enforcement working alongside Europol partners to tackle the threat posed by criminals who deliberately traffic men, women and children into conditions of sexual exploitation.

"Coordinated by the NCA, we are working with safeguarding services, business leaders, and charities to share ideas, intelligence and information to identify and take action against offenders, as well as safeguard the victims of crime.

"Tackling modern slavery is a priority for UK law enforcement. Working with national and international partners we will use all the tools available to us to rescue victims and tackle those responsible.”