'Lock it or lose it' crime prevention warning in Newcastle

17 Oct 2016 14:48 PM

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Officers are urging motorists to 'lock it or lose it' after a number of car crimes in Newcastle.

Since September 1, 63 vehicles have been targeted by thieves in the Walker and Walkergate areas. 60 of these crimes have been to cars and vans that had been left unlocked.

The majority of these crimes are happening late evening and overnight when people have left their vehicles parked outside of their homes.

Thieves are choosing their targets because they are easy to get in and out of quickly and often have valuables, such as electronic equipment, mobile phones and cash left out on show.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Paul Duncan said: "Opportunist thieves are operating in the Walker and Walkergate areas and are specifically looking for any vehicles that have been left unlocked because they are such easy targets.

"Almost every car crime that we have had reported to us has been where the vehicle has been left unlocked and this is no coincidence - it really is such easy pickings for thieves!

"They are moving from street to street and silently getting into unlocked vehicles and helping themselves to whatever is inside. We need people to help us stop this kind of behaviour by making sure their cars are locked and that all of their valuables are removed from inside.

"Whenever you leave your car unattended – whether for a minute or an hour - check and double check that it's locked. If you don't then you might find your belongings have gone when you come back."

Officers in Walker and Walkergate are carrying out enquiries into the car crimes and have stepped up patrols in the affected areas on evenings and overnight.

They are passing on crime prevention advice to motorists in the area face to face, through local meetings and via social media.

Anyone who sees anybody behaving suspiciously around parked cars or checking car doors is asked to contact police.

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