Officers focus on the fatal four this 'Special' weekend

21 Oct 2016 08:30 AM

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Special Constables based in Newcastle and Gateshead are running a two day road safety operation this weekend.

The operation, which has been completely organised and ran by Special Constables, will be focusing on the four main causes of serious injury and death on the roads, known as the 'fatal four'.

They are:-

- Drink & Drug Driving

- Speeding

- Distracted driving

- Not wearing a seat belt

By focusing on these key areas officers hope to raise awareness in road safety and help make the roads safer for everyone.

The operation will run between 10am and 6pm on both days and officers will be based at key locations in both Newcastle and Gateshead where dangerous driving has been flagged up as a concern by local people.

They will be monitoring drivers, carrying out speed checks and also stopping and taking action against anyone found driving dangerously or committing offences.

Special Constable Josh Pinedo, who is the officer in charge of the operation, said: "This 'fatal four' operation was put together entirely by special constables and will be run by special constables here in Newcastle and Gateshead.

"We have chosen to base the operation around road safety because it's such an important issue for the force and we want to do all we can to help save lives out on the roads.

"During the operation we will be taking action against anyone found speeding or driving dangerously and anyone stopped and found driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also expect to be arrested and put before the courts.

"We will also be focusing our attention on people driving and using mobile phones. This is extremely dangerous and it's an issue that people tell us is becoming a growing concern out on the roads.

"The operation will also be used as a chance to pass on road safety messages to the public and reinforce and remind people about the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

"People can expect to see lots of Special Constables throughout the Newcastle and Gateshead areas this weekend and I'm sure the operation will be a huge success."

Central Area Command Chief Inspector Steve Hails said: "Our Special Constables do an amazing job for the force, they are an extremely valuable resource for us and really make a difference out in our communities.

"This weekend's fatal four operation is being ran entirely by our Specials and we really proud to be able to support and assist them with it. Road safety is of paramount importance to the force and anything we can do to make the roads safer for our communities is a priority for us."

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