Police put the brakes on motorbike disorder

26 Oct 2016 12:24 PM

Insp Don Wade [View Full Size]

Northumbria Police is putting the brakes on motorbike disorder on a site of special scientific interest in Sunderland.

Over the summer months concerns were raised about Fulwell Quarry being used as a racetrack by off-road motorbikes - creating noise, disruption and anti-social behaviour.

To tackle the issue police have made sure they have had a highly visible presence in the quarry, carrying out regular patrols to take action.

Section 59 notices have been issued to riders racing in the quarry - a section 59 notice warns the rider their behaviour is inconsiderate and irresponsible and if they continue the bike will be seized by police. It could ultimately end up being crushed.

Bikes have been seized and summons issued for dangerous driving, no insurance and no licence.

Dispersal orders have been put in place - this means people gathering in the area must leave and not return for a set time.

And, police are in the process of applying for a criminal behaviour order for the worst offenders.

Sunderland North Neighbourhood Inspector Don Wade said: "My message is clear if you use the quarry to illegally ride your off-road motorbike bike my officers will be there to stop you and you could ultimately see your motorbike being crushed.

"Fulwell Quarry might be disused but it is a site of special scientific interest with huge national geological importance which is being ruined by these bikes. The disorder is causing a huge amount of disruption to local residents and is ultimately a danger. People use the quarry to walk their dogs and we cannot have motorbike riders racing around on motorbikes putting them at risk.

"There are designated racetracks in the region for off-road motorbike riders to use and I would encourage people to please make use of these sites. If they are caught on the quarry not only could they have their motorbike crushed but they could find it difficult to get a future driving licence and insurance."

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